Gregorian Rants

How to get SnagIt to convert to PNG images automatically.

In short, it can't be done seamlessly; but there are multiple approaches with only a few clicks in the Snagit tool.

31 CSS Art pieces, one HTML tag — My Divtober 2022 Collection

A look back at #divtober 2022, the month of building CSS art with as much CSS as you like the challenge of using only one single HTML div.

How to lighten/darken a page and background gradients with pure CSS

Finding pure CSS solutions to animate the darkening of both the foreground elements on a page and the background gradients too.

How to use Codekit .kit partials on your site

I discovered the simple reason why the Codekit partials would not compile into the pages of my static site…

My kids convinced me we should invest in Roblox (RBLX)

I bought both of my daughters' shares of the recently IPO'd Roblox (RBLX) in their UGMA (aka children's) brokerage accounts. This stock…

How the Super Bowl can help us understand Hedge Funds

I realized I didn't really understand hedging or what a hedge fund was, so I dug into that and found the Super Bowl helped me make sense of…

What is happening with GameStop (for non-financial people)

I was asked what was happening with GameStop, and I am no expert, but was following the story, so I wrote this to help make sense of it.

Setting your annual goals based on your age.

Each year I take time on my birthday setting my goals for the coming year. I do one last look back at the goals I set for the previous…

The complexities of building a stock table using International data

Recently I had the opportunity to help build out a stock data table that included a series of both US and International exchanges. That…

How to set internal border lines on a CSS Grid layout

Most examples I see of CSSGrid layouts are blocks or cards stacked in different variations. I went looking for a solid example of just thin…

5 Practical Takeaways for Improving Your Code's Accessibility

I had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Aaron Gustafson at Accessibilty DC running through some very hands-on ways to improve your…

Jumping into CSS Grid

Using CSS Grid to build our Christmas Card insert.

Five Recommendations for the Graduating Designer

Just a few quick words for designers in the class of 2015.

Walling off the Garden: Balancing Security with Usability

How suggestions to literally wall off a garden reinforced my perspective on the balance of security and user expereince.