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working remotely from Rockville, MarylandRockville, Maryland

Portfolio Highlights

Creative Direction, Business, Product, & Design Strategy

Redesigning 40 Products into One Holistic Experience

A case study in simplifying and redesigning an unwieldy collection of 40+ digital subscription products.

Design Director, Design Lead, Hiring Manager

Standing up a new Product Design Team

A case study in establishing a new Design team and with that a Design Culture.

Concept, Creative Direction, Strategy & Architecture

Establishing a Centralized Design System

A case study in finding an entirely new style and installing a custom design pattern library in the process.

Nice to Meet You!

Hi! I'm Greg, a creative leader with over 20 years of experience working at the intersection of design, product and technology.

My superpower is solving complex issues by turning them into solutions that will be intuitive for users, feasible to build, and serve the business need.

I further find joy in building up great designers who can then build out great designs. I mentor aspiring web designers and am a coach to those navigating a career in product, tech or design.

There is always more to learn. I am teaching myself to design CSS-based Art and am actively taking graduate courses at Stanford Graduate School for Executive Education.

These are some of the tools I’ve used to get amazing projects done.

How I Can Help You?

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

Providing high-level creative decision-making and leadership for the business.

User Experience / User Interface Design

UX / UI Design

Crafting the experience and interface that delights the user while serving the business.

Design Systems

Design Systems

Organizing all visual assets for clarity, efficiency and scalability.

UX Research

User Research

Uncovering the user needs and testing alignment with the goals of the business.

Product Strategy

Product Strategy

Providing direction for creating the right product that will encourage habitual adoption.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Cultivating the identity of the business to increase awareness and positivity.

UX Research

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UX Research

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UX Research

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Creative Direction


Rockville, Maryland

Creative Direction


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Creative Direction


I'm always happy to meet new people and talk shop over a cup of coffee.

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