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“I am continually in awe of the breadth of skills you bring to the table everyday. I appreciate the guidance you've given to me, the continued collaboration you instill in the team and stakeholders, and the optimism and thoughtfulness you bring in everything you do. Thanks for your leadership!”   ~ Nate M., CTO


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Divtober 2023 -CSS Single-Div Art

Pure CSS Art, one HTML tag - My Divtober 2023 collection

For the past month, I have been creating CSS Art based on a daily prompt, utilizing only one single HTML div. It was challenging but motivating and I learned a lot about CSS and art along the way. Here is a post I wrote up looking at all 31 pieces from Divtober 2023.

Frustrated biting a pencil

The Best Advice for Designers that Designers Will Not Want to Read

Displaying empathy for their users’ needs, wants, and behaviors lead to understanding. Understanding unlocks possibilities. Possibilities lead to better products and experiences tailored to users’ needs.

Paradise on a Beach

The Most Contrarian Book I’ve Read on Saving for Retirement (or Not)

I find the book Die with Zero is a very contrarian book on how to save for retirement. Here are five agrees and three disagrees from reading this book.

Ski Poles in the Snow

Can Learning to Ski teach you about User Experience Design? ChatGPT thinks so

As I was packing up for a weekend away at the slopes, this question popped into my head. I didn’t know the answer, but it sounded interesting, and that’s a perfect recipe for ChatGPT.

15 Accomplishments in 15 Weeks of Sabbatical

15 Accomplishments in 15 Weeks of Sabbatical

As the sabbatical comes to a close, I am looking back over what I made of these 15 weeks and realizing I was busy. Here are 15 things I am delighted to have accomplished in the 15 weeks away.


Bad Idea
Bad Idea
Bad Idea
Bad Idea
Bad Idea
A Few Life Notes


Greg Robleto

Hey there. Thanks for visiting my over-skeuomorphic personal website.

I have over 20 years of experience building successful websites by understanding complex business strategies and creating intuitive solutions. My niche is being able to connect design, product, marketing, brand and technology together in ways that deliver real value to millions of digital users.

I'm a passionate advocate for design and enjoy mentoring design students, coaching young professionals, and teaching courses for aspiring web designers.

In my personal life, I'm a husband, an active parent to two daughters, an aspiring CSS artist, an okay tennis player, and an avid traveller. You can find me at any of the links below. Please don't hesitate to get in touch!