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Greg Robleto
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Rockville, Maryland


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Hi I’m Greg. Thanks for visiting this site. I am a product designer and developer. I love collaborating on a new idea and helping design it and shape it into a product that will grow a business and delight users. I frequently work at a holistic level bringing disperate or new ideas together to work in one complete system. I have over 20 years of experience hands-on and leading teams in design strategy, design ops, front-end and product development. Want to know more? Let's catch up and grab a coffee.


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Right now I'm probably designing a product or experiences for a new product.

Leveraging methodologies including Design Thinking, Lean UX and Jobs to be Done, I've led teams of more than 10 UX and UI and graphic designers.

I am versed in the Adobe Suite, Sketch, Invision, Figma and Axure.

My peek design interest currently is setting up design teams to succeed within an organization.


Right now I'm probably prototyping front-end code.

Leveraging Agile and KonBon, I've led teams of 9 front-end and back-end engineers.

I am well versed in HTML and CSS/SCSS and have been expanding knowledge of React and Vue.js. I work in Djagno/Python, .NET, and PHP and have stood up Bootstrap, Foundation, Material, Bourbon and Wordpress frameworks.


Right now I'm probably drafting up a Medium article about design or team structure or life hacks. I could also be peppering code snippets into a CodePen-based article about how to implement a specific code solution.

Writings have been published on Medium, Motley Fool, LinkedIn, AOL and Yahoo.


Right now I'm probably presenting about technology.

I have presented to large crowds about product design, UI, UX, CSS at Digital East conference and Motley Fool's FoolFest and Foolapalooza, and in more intimate settings at Refresh DC, General Assembly and Motley Fool Tech Talks.

I've also previously been a part-time instructor for Boston University teaching Web Design, HTML, CSS and Wordpress.


I'm probably working on help create something fun like an Apple Butter cookoff, or a Scavenger Hunt or hosting a fake Fast and the Furious conference.

Prior events I take pride in helping set up include a global investing meetup that spanned 75 cities in 15 countries. Also helping start the Delaware Shakespeare Festival that has just flourishing and is still going strong now more than 15 years later.


I'm probably paying attention to the current state of different businesses and technology as a whole, and looking for opportunities to support great companies.

Privately-owned investments include The Motley Fool and Red Velvet Creative. Publicly traded investments include as Facebook, Amazon, Slack and Stitchfix. Non-profits supported include Delaware Shakspeare.






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