Design Portfolio

Case Studies of a Design Director

My goal in all the projects highlighted below is to provide the best experience to the user that still serving the needs of the business. I am versed in design, technology and product and bring those groups together to find effective solutions. My superpower is solving complex issues with intuitive solutions, and I am driven to make designers better, who in turn make better designs for the business.

Greg Robleto

Concept, Creative Direction, Product & Design Strategy

Redesigning 40 Products into One Holistic Experience

A case study in simplifying and redesigning an unwieldy collection of 40+ digital subscription products. View Project
Greg Robleto

Design Director, Design Lead, Hiring Manager

Cultivating a Design Team

A case study in establishing a new Design team and with that a Design Culture. View Project
Greg Robleto

Concept, Creative Direction, Strategy & Architecture

Establishing a New Design System

A case study in finding an entirely new style and installing a custom design pattern library in the process. View Project